Let's do the time warp again

Time Traveller 03

Ok, no Rocky Horror actually involved with this post. It's just that these pictures I took of Nuu somehow gave me an image of a time traveller. I blame it on the top hat. But almost always Nuu wears something on her head (mostly her golden butterfly headband) and this hat was close by after I had took it off Hippu to make way for the new outfit set.

Time Traveller 02

I seriously could not decide which was a better photo, the upper or the lower... The upper had her glancing back, maybe to see if thereis a follower? Or at something else interesting. The lower has her gazing at the sky, looking quite relaxed, which is not typical for Nuu.

Time Traveller 01

This weekend I've been by myself, helping my sister with some renovating and blushing the hell away with my last comission, which is a Lucky bird with all the parts. That is a lot of blue... I was supposed to go to a cottage with Valentine, but I'm not feeling well enough to spend a few nights away from my comfy home. But, hopefully some bluebird face-up shots coming up soon.


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