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So I had a sudden interest to switch out Nuu's head for the Other-Nuu, the rarely seen R.Ai head that I still have. I was playing around with the idea of wiping the face-up, opening the eyes a bit and redoing the face-up myself with darker browns and golds. I was also thinking about how this wig might look on her and tried that out first (since I can't do any eye-openings atm anyway). And now she's all too cuuute! Now I sorta want this wig in maroon/evecream as well, just to see it out... Like I need any more wigs! XD I have other things to spend doll-money on. Like Rigel, who I'm going to order this weekend!

Another Light 02

I'm doing so much ordering this weekend, it's insane... Not only am I ordering the doll (+outfit + possible fantasy parts if the splits go through) from Soom, I'm also hosting group orders for Mako (to get Rigel's eyes and a new black pair for Hippu) and Spite&Malice (a wig for Rigel). Luckily neither of the GOs have too many attendants, and all of these things should arrive at different times (wigs first, then eyes after a month or so, and two months+ for the doll), so I won't be too overwhelmed :P

Oh, and speaking of GOs... I have wanted to get this off my chest for so long, but I'll vent about it a little now. Group order fees. Why does anyone charge them?

Now, I'm not talking about the PP fees if the GO is international (or just done through PP anyway), since of course each participant needs to pay for those or the GO leader would be out of pocket. Mind you, I have mostly seen this bloody stupid fee on our national forum, where all payments are made via bank transfers, which are free. Neither am I talking about fees for getting postage materials, see below.

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No, I'm talking about the irritating statement of "a fee of 2€ will be added to cover for Paypal currency conversion fluctuation and for postage materials". Sometimes it's 1€ (which I can grudginly pay up if I have absolute need for the GO), but lately it's been this 2€ every fucking time! That is some seriously expensive envelopes you're buying, sweetheart! And don't you dare talk to me about costs to cover your trip to the post office and all that crap. I can understand that a GO leader will charge national postage (to which they can add the cost of reasonable materials, including some for gas if they live so far away from the post but honestly, bubble envelopes are about 0,5€...), I really can. But a currency fluctuation?! What the fuck, can't you simply calculate what everyone was supposed to be paying and if they paid too little, then add that to the postage charges or ask for it separately, seriously?!

Am I just so special for actually checking what everyone is supposed to be paying? I will never trust what the GO participants have calculated for the conversion for themselves by free calculators, since PP is using currency conversion as a way to make money (or at least making sure they are not losing out) and hence they always have a higher rate.

Now the reason why I'm so pissed about this is because when I do a GO, I do it because I want only a few things from a certain shop and want to save on the very expensive shipping to Finland. So every participant is already doing me a huge favour by taking some of that load off me. I also have to think that the participants have to have incentive to actually participate, since not only are they paying a portion of the international shipping, but also for the national shipping (which isn't free either, especially if anything bigger or in bigger quantity is ordered...). I will never ask for any additional fees, not even for the 'trouble of going to the post office', since I have already won in all this. So what I think when I see that ridiculous demand is that the GO leader wants to make money off me. Not only are they getting a cheaper shipping on my expense, not being able to calculate conversion ates (that PP clearly states on the receipt btw) but now I have to pay for their trouble of doing the bloody GO at all?! So no, thanks but no thanks, I'll pass. If I need something small from the company X, I'll just do a fair GO myself. I'll vote with my money.

Ok, /rant. I'll be going back to enjoying my little white princess :3


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