Aesthetics of July 2014

140726 Resinsoul Pi

As I said, I'm taking a break from face-upping for an undetermined amount of time. But I'm still getting the already agreed-upon comissions done. (And if I get a new doll, then of course I can't let that go blank...) And this month I did two heads for a returning customer.

Above is a small blue head from Resinsoul. They actually do very nice sculpts, I've enjoyed painting both of the heads from that compay that customers have sent me. They have nice curves to the lips and all around smooth features. And they tend to look very gentle :) I was asked to make this dragon boy a bit impish, but I couldn't really go all the way with the shape of the eyebrows requested. Anyway, it turned out a very pretty minty head.

140726 Luts Summer 2014

And then there as this ad boy demon with very smoky eyes, enhanced by the black sclera eyes. But a drop of colour from the deep red there. I dare say I'm improving with my smoky eyes. At first I didn't have the guts to go as dark as necessary without preview pics for the customer. Now when you ask for black, black is what you'll get.

Well, not really black. My smoky eyes actually compose of layers of deep red+reddish brown, dark brown + black (maybe an other layer of this) and then the pure black. All to make it blend better with the lids and the cheeks. Also gives me the option of giving it different shapes within shapes.


Suositut tekstit