Little by Little

Fluffy Milki 02

Getting slightly more into doll stuff. I just made a new Taobao order to get that bloody outfit for Fyrd and with it, I ordered the first just-for-her outfit for Milki. It's a frilly black/pink outfit from Amors. Actually fashioned after a mouse (with round ear-headband and a rat tail), but I don' think I'll be using those parts much. It's also available in lighter colous, if I want to get a matching set for Hani.

I also got a notice email that Dollbakery is finally opening their shop. I reserved a slot, hoping there'll be an option for ice blue eyes for Nikki. If not, I'll let the dolls have a battle royal who gets some new eyes XD I'm looking forward to seeing what DB eyes are like irl, since I've heard nothing but good things about them so far.

Also, I got a link from Velvet to a sneek peek at a new Soom Chess doll, which happens to be a grey Skoll. Damn that thing is cuuuute! Adorable just as a full set. Too bad I don't need another grey doll, I'm quite happy with my Milki. But if there'll be a bronze option... It's avery slim chance, since well, it's quite logical to release chess pieces in grey and white. Although Ara has made an amazing set of chess-theme dolls with tan-whites. But it that little one proves to be simply irresistible, I hope I can scrape up the finances to get him.


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