K: By the way, never call me No.3
Me: ... Oookey.
K: Just sayin' ^_^

No comic this week, since this past week I haven't basically had energy for anything. Went to have coffee with Dear, but that's about it. But I did go by the post office on Friday to pick this cutie up! Well, didn't know it was this particular cutie and was actually guessing the package might be the Dollheart outfits coming, but it was a nice surprise to be handed the HLJ package.

Komari is so darn adorable! I love her face and particurarly that hair. The ribbons can be moved pretty freely to make a variety of poses and make a sense of movement/wind. And she came with this sitting pose, which I now love. I had a bit of trouble with it first, since all her pegs are so very stiff, it was hard to make her torso pieces connect all the way, making the pose look awkward. Her arm pegs are also very stiff, so maybe she won't lose her arms as easily as Rin.

I had a bit of a surprise with the exchangeable lower torso pieces though. First I noticed that the sitting version had strawberry patterned panties. Then I looked up the skirt of the regular version and alas! Stripes! XD Well, panty-maniacs are going to have a blast with this one. The other skirted Nendos I have all have pretty basic underwear. Nyaru has black, and Holmes came with ruffly bloomers. Which could actually be used by Komari... I tried to connect Komari's undies with the Holmes skirt, but Komari's peg is a bit too wide. But the Holmes peg should fit into Komari... With the short skirt that Komari has, undies are ging to be pretty important. She's a flasher...

Anyway, I thought that Komari was going to be this overly sweet and shy Nendo in the Nendobots story, but I'm actually getting a very different dialogue out of her. Might be good, might not be, we'll see. But she'll definitely have a sweet tooth!


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