Rei III, only this time in blue.

So it has come the time for Rei II to simply pass on. When we managed to install Win XP on that, it didn't recognise the Wlan card or the display drivers anymore, making its use less than optimal for the intended purpose (surfing random net and writing documents I keep in a cloud drive). And when Microsoft announced that support for XP has been ceased, it was time to find a new plaything.

This time I looked beyond mini-laptops and found hybrid-tablets, which are tablets wih the full OS, in this case Win8. They are easy to take with you, can be fitted with a keyboard and still run all programs meant for your regulat windows.

I looked around and liked the look of Microsoft Surface Pro. It was affordable, especially since it is now giving way for Pro2 and most importantly, the keyboard was cheap. Especially since honestly just a few days after deciding I need a tablet I found an amazing sale on this machine, with the Touch Cover included XD

So now I have Rei III. It's not white, since the sale only included the cyan cover, but I think I can manage ;) At for until I get around getting that white cover. Still haven't played with it much, so we'll see how we'll get along. So far the Touch Cover keyboard has been responding very well (on hard surface) and despite thehorror stories I've read, Chrome works like a charm! Which is good, since my only doubt about this was that I would have to switch back over to Firefox, after all those easy years with synchronizing bookmarks and contacts. It took me some trial and error to personalize the Start screen since it works on a slightly different logic than our laptop Win8, but I finally found the commands I needed :D

The real test of course will be taking this new baby out and try it out on a trip. It doesn't quite fit into my purse, but I'm not planning on taking it with me everywhere anyways ;)


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