Not At All Innocent

Not At All Innocent 03

I finally took pictures of Fyrd in his Kikucon outfit. Though you can't actually see much of it... I such at full body pictures, except maybe in outdoor shoots. Anyway, the rest of it is short pumpking shorts and knee-height socks. And as Velvet put it (very accurately), totally shota material :D

Not At All Innocent 02

Well, since Fyrd is an entity that can change form, he can also change himself into an underage boy. Actually one of his main avatars is a boy around 8 years old. And he is a jerk, who would totally jailbait anyone who dares fall prey to him.

... When I wrote about this on the Flickr captions, it really occured to me just how much of a weeaboo character he can be! Here I am, snorting at the totally goth vampire dudes with leather pants and so like at least three hundred years old although they look like they are fifteen and of course they can only have boyfriends, since like, of course gothic vampire dudes must be so totes gay because it is sooo cute etc. But my own character is a freaking god, so technically eternal (although at the current story line he is about 50 years old or something?), looks like a smooth-cheeked shounen at best and goes around kissing and sleeping with boys. Honestly, right this moment I can't remember a single scene where Fyrd has been seducing women. I need his suit. So bad. So I can make him flirt with girls. No girl is going to take him seriously in this outfit.

Not At All Innocent 01

And it gets worse. I also have a twenty-year-old character 'conveniently' trapped in the body of a small doll: Hippu. Although, I do make a sort of a distinction between Hippu and the character he's derived from. LeBrant as a character is very much mature enough to have romantic relationships, Hippu on the other hand is just as childish as he looks like. Innocent, playing with stuffed animals with Nuu etc.

The stigma of shota and making visually underage characters adults-by-background (those baby vampires, yaknow) is what keeps me from taking pictures of doll-Fyrd with Hippu. I wouldn't want to see obviously shota pictures myself. Nevermind how innocent I would plan them to be, it would turn out not at all innocent, when I have Fyrd grinning around like that... It would just be too weird, given that Fyrd and LeBrant have a sexual relationship. So doll-Fyrd is better off teasing Nigel until I get around caving in for another Demetri and making an SD-LeBrant just for the heck of it. Don't hold your breath though, I have so many other more crucial purchases waiting in line first.

Not At All Innocent 04

Is it a bird? An aeroplane? No, just a shot of Fyrd trying to look too aloof XD

Well, there is more to both Fyrd and LeBrant than the yaoi-dream-slash-couple. Fyrd's mission to become accepted, and the thin line of control and power he walks on. LeBrant's need to be free and independent, yet finding friendship and trust. But it would take too much reading for any casual browser to take that all in. So they do just look like a couple of weeaboos. But maybe I can live with that ;) It doesn't take anything away from my dolls if someone thinks that they are shallow cutesy gay characters that one can find thirteen in a dozen. Just like I hope it doesn't take anything away from other people's dolls if I think that their character is something I find boring. I'm here to enjoy dolls visually, and if a well-thoughtout character is shining through the photos, then all the better.


  1. The world needs more "well-done" LGBT -doll couples! (why not het too). I don't think the characters' sexual orientation makes them necessarily seem shallow. Well, of course, if the casual browser already thinks that if something has a "yaoi" or "yuri" couple (as much as I hate those terms to be used outside of their area), it's automatically going to be stupid fangirl-crap, then that's their problem.

    Although I do agree with you, I'd like to see well-written gay (or lesbian. or bi) characters and not the stereotypical ones (like the vampires you were talking about). So I'm giving the thumbs-up for Fyrd and the grown-up LeBrant! :3
    (Although I'd like to see Fyrd seducing the ladies too! x3 )

  2. Haha, I can imagine that the person who shota!Fyrd lures into his trap will soon find out that the joke's on him. :'D

    Majestic-shota Fyrd pic is majestic. :)

  3. Oh yeah the joke is definitely on him XD

  4. I think the issue I have is that I fear those two would seem like such a stereotypical gay doll couple. When neither is really gay. And now I think that that would actually be even more stereotypical in the doll character pool....

    But I do agree with you that well-thoughtout couples of all orientations are very welcome. And that ultimately those who are going to scoff at some type of doll relations are just better off left by themselves.


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