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I have wanted to own more Rainbow Dash franchise for ages. Before this plushie, all I had was a blind bag plastic RD and Eiko's hoodie. But the thing is, I'm very, very picky about the merchandise.

The RD ponies found in stores look nothing like RD, for instance. They have long, curly manes and tails! So everytime I went out to buy a RD pony, I was always just put off by that design. But, then when researching for the RD doll I'm working on, I stumbled on someone's DeviantArt, where that person had actually customised the pony to look very much like RD from the show. The mane+tail had been trimmed and restyled and the expression had actually been changed to have a more fierce look.

rainbow dash plushie 01

Now I haven't got the skills to be customising fiber and repainting vinyl. But I can sew. So this is what I started with. For a cheap con-bought plushie, I got exactly what I paid for. But the base of the pony was very cute, and I knew I could work with that messy mane. The tail was also way too long, and the rough seam was actually visible and could easily be felt with hand.

rainbow dash plushie 02

So I cut off some excess mane and resew the piece on to the front, to make a better bang. Luckily it was exactly the right colour for RD's mane! For the rest of the mane, I sew the cut edge shut and attached it onto the torso, so that it curls around the body (and hides the orginal seam).

The I cut the tail roughly in half and sew the halves together making sure colours matched. I stitched around it so that fur now surrounded the seam completely, so that it is just fluffy all around.

I also released the wings from the torso, but I might reattach them, since I can't find a better place for them. Unless I find some way to make the wings self-supporting.

The rubber band from which the plushie can be hanged is actually still there, I just tucked it behind the mane. I'm not sure if I should cut it off or just let it be... It's unlikely that I will have the need to hang RD from anywhere, but you never know?

Anyway, for a first customisation of a plushie, I'm quite pleased! I'm now very happy with my purchase. And joyful of adding another RD to my 'collection'. I don't think two items really count as a collection..? So maybe I need to tackle that fiber mane next? ;)

Oh, and on the note of the Rainbow Dash doll, I just got a shipping notice of the custom wig. I had also thought that I had found a way to custom order the boots for her, but sadly that fell through. Still haven't gotten around sewing that skirt, but at least I've got my sewing kit ready and in use :D


  1. OMG, looks so absolutely perfect!! That mane! Wow, you really have an eye for details~ It really makes a difference this way~ O3O Now I want a plushie like that too! x3

    Glad to hear that you like RD the plushie, but who wouldn't especially now! :3

  2. I just hope that you will love yours as well, when I have finished that :) But yes, I'm qiote proud of the results myself. Gives me more confidence to try out other customisations as well.


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