Kikucon V, mostly through Vocaloids

So, Kikucon. I've never before been to this con, but since it was very close and free to attend, why not? This post is going to be about some Kiku-feels, but also filled with Vocaloid-vids, and I'll tell you why :D

Most action I had in the con was at the rythm game hall, where we played Project diva and the arcade dance game. I sucked at both XD But I heard some old favourite Vocaloid games again, and found some new favourites, like "Meltdown"nabove. I'm sure I've listened to it before, but now I fell for it.

I also really, really love Rin's outfit in that game video! I'd love to see a cosplay of it :3 And on cosplays, Kikucon really showed just how out of the loop I am on anime. I didn't recognise half of the cosplays I saw there. I did spot a pair of cute girls cosplaying as Miku and Rin though. And one can't miss the Attack on Titan uniforms. I also love seeing Pinkie Pie cosplays, since they look so cheerful and whimsical. Funny that I don't like Pinkie the pony that much, but as human cosplays it is my favourite.

'Rolling Girl' was the first song I tried on Project DIVA. I also found this song sung by Rin, but it suits Miku better. Anyway, I couldn't pass even on Easy mode. Velvet rocks this game, although she's had more practise.


Another thing we did was go to this pixel-workshop. We actually intended to go there on Saturday, but we missed the enrollment for that since we got to the con around midday. So on Sunday we got there early, got into the workshop and made some cute mascots. I made this pinkish Hello Kitty. Working with the pearls was actually quite fun. I haven't used them since I was a kid! I have seen people do some really interesting art pieces with them and I'd like to give it a go myself, but I'm not really that visually creative...

Oh, and my photos and few and crappy since I only had my cell with me. I don't like to carry around too many heavy things, and in this case one SD doll was enough. I also had Hippu with me on Sunday for the meet-up, but he stayed in his pillowcase outside the meet.


Meet-ups were fun on both days, since I got to meet new hobbyists. There were also some very interesting dolls there. Doll Chateaus that I've never seen irl before (freakishly cute things), and I got to hold a Feeple60 in my hands for the first time. I didn't instantly fall for the engineering, but thenagain I didn't dare try it out too much either XD

Velvet's Yumeka got good attention, as it deserves. Dollfie Dreams can be so cute! And M.O.M.O is extra-super-cute. I'm so lucky that I can admire her doll, so I don't have to get one of my own. Valentine can with most of my figure/doll collection, but he has instantly hated DDs. He says they just look wrong, or wonky or something. Thenagain, I don't really want to add a whole another doll type to my collection either. ;)

And after the con, I've been browsing Vocaloid songs :D Above is a very nice song by Rin. I have always preferred Rin to Miku, but sadly before this I haven't found too many Rin songs I really liked. 'I like you I love you' is still my favourite though :3 And the sole reason I have this thing for Rin, and why I have a Rin-Nendo an why a DD-Rin would be the one DD I'd be really, really tempted to get. But no! Let's not get into DDs anymore...

And then I also found this very amusing song (also by Rin) below XD

And maybe this is a good song to wrap up the convention scribbles XD


  1. Thanks for the company on my behalf too, it was a fun weekend~!
    I'm happy that you found some old and new favorite Vocaloid songs! I'm getting the new Project Diva F 2nd on VITA soon. If you'd like I can let you practise Project Diva games on my consoles (or even lend the games if you have a VITA :3 ).

    Aww, I'd love it if you'd get a Dollfie Dream too! :'D I've been trying to convert everyone into DDs but with little luck so far. Maybe people just take their time to adapt...

  2. Nah, unfortunately I haven't got any of the handheld consoles. Only portable device I have for gaming is my phone XD

    And I think that a DD is really out of the question. I love them, but haven't really gotten the must-have feeling, like I have gotten with resin dolls. But thenagain, never say never, right ;)


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