I'm ready to weep :(

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I just got my Taobao order home today. The Rococosoul accessories above are so cute! But that's not really the reason for the frowny face. Body-rant coming up, so please bear with me. Or don't and just move on.

taobao loli-items 040514 02

It is now quite painstakingly obvious that I'm too chunky to be a real lolita. Not really too fat, as I've seen heavier girls than me pull off amazing coords and look extremely cute. Yeah, I couldn't hurt from losing a 'few' kilos off my waist, but it wouldn't solve my true problem: the boobs. My cup size is so large that it is not possible for me to ever wear brand blouses. And even off-brand falls about 10cm short for me.

So the cute Infanta pink blouse I got is definitely never going to fit me. Which is a shame, since the cut looked nice on me, which is a rarity given my slender shoulders and the massive melons. And the Starberry lolita blouses that I had custom sized for me were also a bit too tight. The buttons stretched so much that the front gaped.

By this time I was feeling very, very depressed. Only the Infanta cutsew fit me, but it did so quite nicely actually. The sleeves are about long enough and the shirt is long enough so that it doesn't show my belly button, like some shorter cutsews easily do :D And the print looks to be of decent quality as it hasn't crackled from being stretched over the big twins. (Yeah, I'm going to play every damn euphonism here, just to make myself smile a little bit from all this.)

I then tried the blouses again with my full cup bras, which ever so slightly press the buns down. And finally they seemed workable. I ended up using a trick I first came up with in high school, with sewing close the damn front all together so that it cannot gape and with just a minor struggle, managed to pull it on. Wew. I now have usable blouses.

Well, except for the fact that the sleeves are way too tight on my arms so I can't close the buttons there, but that I can work on.

After finally being somewhat not miserable about my clothes I wanted to cheer myself up by at least dressing Fyrd up nicely. The good thing about dolls is that that they don't have to diet and pretty much anything you buy will fit them. Especially with Fyrd, who I buy boy clothes for, so that they all fit loosely on his slim girl body.

Except. When they are the wrong fucking size!! I had to double-check it, but yes, I had ordered the set in 1/3 size. But the thing I received has sleeves that look 3/4 on his arms and is some 4cm short from closing around his chest. This set is MSD sized!!1!

Already sent feedback for Taobaonow, and we'll see what they say. My ideal solution would be that they reorder me the set in the correct size and I'll only pay for the item, not the fees or for shipping. And I could try to resell the MSd set that I have. (Which is very cute on its own and I think it'll sell quickly.) But knowing Asian companies, they'll probably want me to send it back with my own expence and then pay the fees and shipping for the right item.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to read about the blouse-problem. :( (and getting a bit nervous if the ones I ordered will fit me. )
    But don't blame yourself, it's quite obvious that Asian-sized clothes are small. Although, I'd get a bit mad to the companies that the ones custom-ordered wouldn't fit... Like, if they were made with your measurements, they should fit perfectly if they were correctly made, I think.

    I'm starting to get a bit annoyed at this "you have to have A-cup to fit any clothes at all". I have this problem with normal blouses. If they fit around the boobs, they will probably be too big around the waist. Like, who has tiny boobs, but an enormous belly?!! What?!
    There's still one option on fitting to the blouses - a binder. But that may be a bit of a stretch (pardon the pun), for it can feel pretty uncomfortable to wear, although it is convenient on getting that cup-size smaller.

    It's a shame that they make the clothes so small, though. There's enough clothes for model-sized people already, why do lolita clothes have to be like that too. Especially since I think lolita-style looks really becoming on more body-types than just on slim ones. I really hate these stereotypes that "a real lolita can't have boobs". Bullshit. >:-I

    Glad to hear about that cutsew, though! :3 It looked really cute on the promopics, so I'm sure it'll looks great on you!
    And I hope that you get that BJD-clothes thing settled. Bummer with that... :c

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words :) After a bit of steaming off, I'm starting to feel a bit better about the purchases myself. The Infanta pink blouse still will never fit me unless I get a breast reduction, but I can live with that and resell it.

    I'm still working on the BJD outfit to be replaced. They better make up this mistake for me or I'll be switching shopping services in a snap... And there are still tons of things I want from Taobao for my dolls :(

  3. There's a machine in the gym they call the 'butterfly machine', which works your chest area and around arms - Im quite a bit larger than you but I dropped 2 cupsizes in 2 months on that beast! Still not fitting in lolita, but I doubt it would suit me anyhoo xD

  4. Thanks for the tip. I'm not usually much of a gym person, but I might have to cave eventually...


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