Desperate for eyes


.. for this impossible boy. And even Nigel himself looks pretty desperate here. XD

I got my Vings eyes home just now. These are N07 colour in 14mm. They are very nice and sparkly, definitely worth the pricetag and I think I even prefer these over ED Milky series. (Which isn't good since now I might start looking through their other colours to get more eyes X( )

Nigel with Vings N07 eyes

Above is a photo which is edited minimally and I haven't retoughed the eyes at all. So they are totally too dark... These are nice greyish medium blue, but not the icey colour I want for Nikki. Sad thing is, Vings only has one lighter shade of blue, and that is almost white, with no darker ring around the iris. And I think thosemight be just too light. They would work if they just had a darker ring around the iris, to define it better.

So my search goes on. But these eyes are nice enough so Nigel will keep these until I find a better alternative.


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