Stubborn Princess

Stubborn Princess 05

I giggle how this sculpt manages to look so determined when I look at Milki, and then so so shy when I look at Hani. Byggs <3 That sculpt is just pure love.

And remember when I did that meme post a while back? It asked if I had broken any 'nevers' while in the hobby. I totally forgot I had also said I'd never get any fantasy coloured dolls XD Well, then I got Milki and now it's all fair game. Now tan wouldn't actually be fantasy colour in my book, but then there's that snow blue Taco... But no! Can't put more money into this hobby this frivolously! (Let's not speak of what other things I have no trouble spending frivolously on...)

Stubborn Princess 01

Milki is wearing my Melinda outfit that is getting too little wear around here. Even though it's a very cute set, it might be a bit too bulky for my tastes. It's not that I want to wear my dolls in skimpy outfits (and I don't think I even do that...), but this one is a bit too covering. But I adore that pink hat that came with it XD Blah, I might have to give in and just try to sell this outer skirt (and the petti) on its own...

Stubborn Princess 02

And you might also notice how Milki keeps changing eyes in this photoset. I wanted to give the Amber ones another go and try to make myself see that they go nicely with pink outfits as well. :3 Well, they do. And they are so nice... But what am I going to do with my recently bought pink ones then :P Or the new pink I eyes I was going to buy :D

Stubborn Princess 04

And yey for landscape photos! \o/ I need more of these for my rotating desktop anyways.

Stubborn Princess 03

The problem with Makos is though that they tend to easily photograph much darker than they are. Especially when compared to very high end eyes like Dolflower, they really show why they are so much cheaper... OK urethanes, but not super special.

Stubborn Princess 06

I mean, look at them glow!


  1. It's fun to see how Milki is clearly a sweet little girl, when I just couldn't picture my gray Bygg Floyd as anythin other than a boy. :D
    (if you really are selling that dress, keep me in mind! x'D )

    Those Dollflower eyes do stand out but... phew! The prices! O__o I just think I'll settle with Makos at least for now... ^^;;
    By the way, I wrote you a comment in the last BRS Nendo post but it's still waiting moderation. I added a Youtube-link to a Milky Holmes-fanvideo, maybe it was automatically put into spam because of the added link? :3

  2. I'll definitely keep you in mind, we can discuss it later!

    And it amazes me with all Soom Teenies how they can be so unisex... With a simple change of face-up they get so different expressions and can look both girly and boyish. Not really manly per se, but that isn't needed anyways since they are child dolls :3

    Yeah, DF will set back your credit card quite nicely... Also they take such a long time to arrive! I'd love to buy some more of those eyes second hand (without the wait and stress), but there aren't many on the market and if they are, not at reasonable prices... I'd happily pay retail for this quality, but not inflated mark-ups.


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