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Oh my, Kun, you have changed! :D Once Velvet got hold of my Kun-previously-known-as-Phoenix, he has taken a turn for the more colourful. And seems to be enjoying it.

Well, this weekend was very hectic. Straight from work, I went to have ice cream with the girls, which turned into having dinner and later I found myself at a local pub with Velvet, later joined by Valentine and Friend. On Saturday, I had to wake up early to start on a face-up comission, since by noon we were at Friend's place playing Descent. And then on Sunday, Velvet and I took the train to the capital, where we went to a meet held for the ninth birthday of our national doll community/forum.

I actually for once took my camera with me, and hence I took pictures of the dolls on display there.

First up, some pretty Soomlings:

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Topaz (the lower) has always intrigued me and Migma (the top) has a very pretty resin colour. Both of these belong to Unisieppari, who does great and just-up-my-alley styling on her dolls, which are plentiful :D But especially that Migma, with the fluffy whites on that pale purple, is a favourite of mine.

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But this Amber of Efoto is a real looker as well! I really like white-on-whites, even though I can never pull it off on any of my own dolls. Mainly since I just don't have any white dolls, except for Nuu, who would look so weird in all-white XD Or maybe she wouldn't, but I'm just so used to her having that little bit of colour.

But, onto the little Soomlings:

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Velvet's Carbon...

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...Is so different from Unisieppari's blue girl :D Velvet's doll is all about bright coloured punkness and this other one is such a sweet little princess, even with out a wig/eyes. Btw, Velvet told me she had meant this wig for her incoming Lucky, and boy does that colour look good on blue resin!

Hartilapset 9v miitti 140413 09

And a pink-themed Dolomi. At first I actually thought it was an Ai, but I think it is a Dolomi instead...

Hartilapset 9v miitti 140413 07

And dare I say my new favourite Yrie, Unisieppari's mint little sweetie. I can usually say no to an Yrie, but it's only if they have no painted eye-creases. When blank, I draw away from them, but when painted this beautifully, I just drool! I could have easily snapped this up as is, but in stead, I hope her owner can finish her up quick and then take lots and lots of photos. Pretty please..?

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Then onto other dolls. There was at least this one new-tan Minifee, a Dark elf Soo from Xaya. The colour looks very pretty on camera, but irl there's just something that looks off to me... But it all works out, because I can then just enjoy these dolls through other people's photos and save my money for something else :D

Hartilapset 9v miitti 140413 04

Hartilapset 9v miitti 140413 10

Just not an Unoa (which belongs to Jesmo) nor an artist doll (Unisieppari's). There was also a Dust of Dolls doll floating around and while cute, just not my thing. It was funny though, looking at all the mini dolls sode by side there, and my eye drawing immediately toward the Unoa. They are such pretty dolls, even if the size wasn't ultimately for me. I hope Velvet gets her Unoa someday though :3 I can donate an outfit or two for it!


  1. Ooo, wonderful pics! I've yet to go through my photos from the meet but I'm glad to see that your shots came out well. (And I was really happy to see Kun in the top-most-pic. x3 Thank you! I think he/she has now accepted the name Nene. ^__^)

    I know, I got a raving doll-fever too after that meet... O__O That male-Amber. Woot, and I thought I had already decided not to dream about any Ambers. Well, that plan went down the drain... x'3
    Haha, at first glance I thought that Dolomi as an Ai too. :'D I hope Unisieppari will sell her Yrie so that you can get her someday. >:3 She just looks like she'd fit so well in your doll-gang. :3

    Thanks for the weekend, I had fun and I hope you had too! ^__^

  2. Thanks! Of course I had to "play for the home team" a bit and Nene (lovely name btw!) just looks so cheerfully colourful :3

    For my wallet's sake I hope she won't be selling her Yrie... Also, I think that little pastel creature also works very well with the rest of her dolls and I'm contempt at just looking at the pics :)


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