Pile of bows

Girl can't have enough accessories...

My accessories have been in an unidenfiable pile that has overflowed my shelf. I finally wanted to get something to organise them a bit better. At first I set out to buy a cupcake holder, you know those two-three layer stacked plates right?, so that I could just put my pile on that, while my headbands could be wrapped around the centerpole. But unfortunately, I couldn't find any that suited my purpose. The only one I could find was about 15cm diameter, made for small chocolates perhaps, and clearly too small for me.

But I found this branched 'tree' that I could put all my headbands and hairclips onto. Also my bracelets and necklaces are dangling from it. And then I finally caved and bought a 'birdcage', since it was cute and pink XD I intend to do some photoshoot with it involving my Teenies at some point, but now it is the perfect place to store my bows and wristcuffs.

It's still a lot of clutter, but much more manageable than before. I'd actually like to have some sort of twin-wire underneath this shelf, so that I could put the headbows there, but it'll have to wait for another time.

And I found so many other cute decoration things from the store I bough these from *_* I might be doomed...


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