Nendo Cannibalism

Whaaat am I doing

So I took Sherlock apart anyways. And it was the right choice since look, look! The faces fit BRS so perfectly! True, mainly because the eye-colour is the same XD But it does give BRS so much more versatility. And I still see it as BRS, and not like Sherlock cosplaying as BRS.

Happy about the new hair

Rin on the other hand tried on the pink hair-do. While pink does look marvellous against that pink, I'm still a bit iffy about those loops. The rest of it works well for rin though, she can even still have her huge ribbons at the top of her head. I think that Rin would even rock the hat. So, maybe a keeper?

Nyaru in pink

And then Nyaruko got the outfit. I have been hoping to get something besides greyscale for her, but there were some issues with this try-out. The colour is cute. But Nyaru's long hair demand that I use one particular, very short peg to keep her standing. And then this pink outfit has another special peg, which attaches to the back under the shawl. Well, I can't use Nyaru's hair with the outfit-specific peg. And I can use the shawl with Nyaru's peg. And without the shawl it looks like she lost her already non-existant neck.

I'm also starting to dislike Nyaru's face a bit. I think that it is just a bit too squished :( The other Nendo's have longer faces, but Nyaru looks so chinless. But I love the character soo much =_= Maybe I need to find some splits and find her some new faces, maybe even some with pink eyes or something, because it's starting to irk me that Nyaru, Rin and the incoming Komari all have turquoise eyes! I know I'm partial to that shade of eye colour, but still...


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