Just a Few Frills

Incoming frills

So my waiting list for doll-items is getting short, but it's not like i'm saving money here >_< I'm now waiting on a lot of lolita items, from Taobao, Fan+Friend and Ebay. Pictured here are just a few of them...

The Taobao stuff should be arriving in May, and it's mainly blouses for me, since I'm running out of tops to wear. With the summer in mind, I ordered a lot of short-sleeved blouses, some of which I ordered custom-sized so that will definitely fit me and others I'm quite anxious to see if they will be wearable or not.

Also because of summer, I ordered some cheaper skirts to wear for F+F. A few fun chiffon skirts (pictured above in the brown colourway) with insewn bloomers to wear at a summer cottage, not worrying if they get a few grass stains or not. Then I ordered one white skirt, because I have something neat planned for this year's Tracon ;)

On a spur of spending, I also bought a few loli wigs from Ebay. I got a natural brown coloured one to go with mostly anything, but then I couldn't say no to this cute pink/blond wig ^_^ It might also be perfect for those Tracon-plans...

The blouses and skirts were pretty essential, but to pull off wearing them, I also needed some accessories. Big and lolitaish accessories. So I found Rococosoul and their neat headbands. I actually didn't get this all-white one pictured here, but instead I got one with brown/white and another in mint/white. Can you see what is my favourite loli-colour yet? :D

I might have mentioned this before, but I have actually kept away from mint colour since from chilhood, since it happens to be my mother's favourite colour. I always liked blue. The colour doesn't suit me though :D And I hate it in decoration, it makes the house look either too oldfashioned or too marine. I used to wear a lot of blacks and reds or purples. But now I've given into pastels. and when comparing pink and mint... mint wins for me.


  1. Wow, pretty stuff incoming! I'm especially waiting for that pink/blond wig to arrive so that I can see how it looks. :3 I've wanted a pink wig too for ages but haven't had the courage to order one... x3
    My summer will probably be lolita-themed as well (although more steampunk-inspired and in darker-colors maybe), looking at the amount of skirts I ordered. :'D But they were so cheap in F+F, couldn't resist. Where else can you get a nice-looking skirt for 40 euros? (yeah, well, combined it adds into a bigger sum but.. still.)

    It's interesting that you like mint so much. It's a color that I've never really considered to wear, but looking at your things, it really is a nice color for clothing as well.
    Loving those head accessories of Rococosoul!

  2. I'm now wearing colours that I hated as a kid: pink, mint and especially brown! :D

    We so need to do tea parties in our frilly skirts now ;) Can't let them go to waste now can we?


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