Here we go again...


So I saw this very handsome boy head posted on Little Monica's FB page. And it's no other than a new artist head for Dyuke. Bloody gorgeous! Well, he's white skin (not really my thing) and as I have no actual need for a vampire character those painted-on fangs are useless, but still! Bloody gorgeous. And with this styling - the blond hair, red eyes and the sleek outfit - he again rekindles my want for Mycroft Malbourne =_=

The reason I put Mycroft off my list was that I thought having a 'suit-man' in my crew would be a bit boring. As in, he wouldn't use anything but formal clothes. But comoon! Black shirt under a black vest... *__* And then all the ties... Black on black on black. Or spice it up with a red tie. And when winter comes: cardigans.

Dyuke just has that very I-don't-give-a-fuck look, that Mycroft has. But he also can have the slightest hint of a smirk... And he's sooo handsome.

But whatever happened to my only-tan-LM-dolls? >_< Out the window, as usual...


  1. BWAHAHAHA. Come to the dark side, we have gorgeous male dolls! xD

    I got to say, while fangs aren't my thing, boy, that face up is awesome! I like how his eyes are done. :3


  2. Yeah it's the eyes that really get me... I'm not usually drawn to romantic eyes, but LM somehow always delivers them beautifully.

  3. Well, hellooo gorgeous! *___*
    I'm not too much into vampire-dolls myself but all the LM-vampires have been dreamy and this is no exception! Can't help but think what a vampire-Ginger would look like... :'D

  4. My favourite so far has been the original first vampire Enrill. Well, I might be a bit biased towards that sculpt, having caved for it once already... ;)

    I've already written about my want for LM to make elf-eared versions and tan versions of their dolls basic, but I would also love for them to make a vampire doll with just slightly opened mouth. I don't really care for vampires who have visible fangs evem when mouth closed (like, really, that would mean really wicked dentals), but the new vampire Enrill had a bit too open a mouth for my tastes. The sculpt didn't seem to have much versatility with such a wide yawn. But slightly parted lips... with the fangs showing just a little bit... with dreamy eyes... I'd go for that! And I don't even have vampire characters :D (well, unless you count Lani. Count Lani XD pun unintended, but hilarious!)


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