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Easter Alex
I'm beat...

It was Easter, a national long holiday for Finns. Four days of freedom, but of course people want to use this weekend to plan all sorts of meeting. On Friday, we went to see my mother and her two-week-old golden retriever puppies. Cute, albeit looked and sounded like a bunch of guinea pigs (and moved like seals, the poor buggers that had no control of their four stubby feet yet). Mom asked me to take my camera with, so that we could take pictures of the puppies to share.

Then my Saturday morning was spent hastily taking pictures of Fyrd (posted earlier), editing the puppy pictures and the face-up pictures when I was picked up to go to my sister's place, where we grilled some food and played a few rounds of mansions of Madness that my brother-in-lawish had bought.

Easter Alex 2

On Sunday I had to get up relatively early, to prep the D&D game that yes I could have prepped a few weeks back but had to hold until the last hour to do... Typical. But worked out, nevermind how much the internet tried to steer me off my quest :D I'm actually really tempted to let go of D&D since the constant calculating of exp/gold ratio to the player level is starting to bug me off. There's a fine balance of level development, to make sure the characters are not overpowering or being overpowered by their enemies. I don't know what might be a better solution though. I'm a bit partial to the RQ system, where player character development takes care of itself, but the magic system doesn't really work outside Glorantha setting without a true overhaul. The indie game some Finns were pitching at last Tracon actually seemed like a good system, but I'm too chicken to try something completely new XD Or maybe I'll just go for the DA RPG...

Up to no good 2
F: What are you moping around here for, sweetie? :3
A: Fuck off, menace -_-*

Then on Monday we went to Friend's place to play Descent. Our heroes had succesfully beaten the first map a few weeks ago and it was time to get beaten on the second. It took Valentine a little short of two hours to kill us all off.. =_= That game is seriously hard! We have only ever managed to win the first - the tutorial - map. And every other map we've tried has gotten the best of us. Even if we already know what to expect, it still is just impossible to win!

Up to no good 2
F: Oh, don't be like that!
A: Seriously, fuck off!

And then Monday afternoon I had some time to take these pictures of Alex and Fyrd. It is quite rare of me to take pictures of two dolls simultaneously, even rarer of these two together. Alex and Fyrd aren't really in the same storyline, so there's no need to put them together in front of the camera. Now if I got Mycroft, who is a minion of Fyrd-the-Mysterium and older bother of Yuffie, then he'd be a sort of a link between the two. Incentive to get that Dyuke? Maybe... Although I have to admit, I've been keeping my eye on the Teenie after markets, searching for a reasonably priced Taco. I don't know what the hell it is about that little blue bugger, but I really sorta want one >_< I also came across a reasonably priced Afi human... Not reasonable price for a Teenie in general, but for an Afi, it is. I just hope that it actually is an Afi with the fantasy parts, since the photos don't really show it and the seller doesn't specify it too well. And I don't want to ask... Afi would be cute, but I'd prefer a tan Bygg or even Hati for the role of Toffee.

I am getting enough tax returns for a Teenie, but I'd have to convince Valentine about it first. And I'd really like to make some doll money off face-ups first.

But yeah, before that I have some other things to do. I got to go buy Valentine something for his birthday, drop a head to the post, see if I can find an even better box for my Nendo stuffs... First of May is coming up and that is also going to take its toll... I need a new doll to cheer me up :( But maybe Fyrd's eyes, which are now arriving this month, will be enough :)


  1. Oooh, BL-vibes... me likes~ :3
    (or maybe not exactly BL because.. well... I've understood that Fyrd is androgynous. Which is all good too~ Hoho. )

    I like Fyrd's expression in the last pic. He clearly enjoys his little teasing or Alex~ >:3

  2. You got the vibes right, alright XD

    Fyrd is not exactly androgynous in that sense. Usually he is a boy, or a young man, with all the parts that go with it. ;) But in his usual apearance, he looks like a very thin and shortish man, exactly like anime cute-boy-material. This is why I wanted this girl body for him, to really make him shorter than the other boys, as well as slimmer. Fyrd definitely has no abs... at least in his default appearance. He can change appearance at will and one of those 'avatars' is actually a lucious female. Another is a much bulkier older man, acting as a lawyer.


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