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Mintmilk 03

So since I sold the Melinda outfit to Velvet, Milki needed something new to wear lest she be only in her undies. I decided to to give one of Hippu's old sets a go, since they haven't gotten much use now that Hippu has been keeping his own DH set on. It actually looks quite nice on Milki. And I had almost forgotten about this shirt and its sleeves of pure ruffledom. It was fun to make them, but the shoulder seams of shirts... hate sewing them :(

Mintmilk 01

Photographing grey resin is actually much easier than I thought it'd be. My camera doesn't go haywire about it at all with its white balance and auto-toning on PS actually makes it look very nicely peachy grey. It's actually much harder to take photos of Nuu, her being so white...

And even I don't really think of Milki's resin colour as something special anymore. She's grey, and that's it. I don't think I've fallen in love with the colour, as in I'd get plenty of more grey dolls just because of GS, but it suits her well. Just like pale blue would suit a Taco, no matter that I have no other desire to get a blue doll... XD

Mintmilk 02

Argh! I'd love to have a horde of Teenies, all in sweet pastels, a row of tooth corroding cuteness. There are so many of them that are utterly cute. But the budjet says no. I'll have to settle for admiring other owners' Teenies :3 Like I don't need a Necy, or an Yrie, since Velvet has both of those, the two of them styled very nicely. Tjassi and Ara have amazing Afis, and Dreamyraven the cutest Glot and Taco.

:P Although if I'd be rich, I'd still get that horde... And probably all LM dolls as well XD At least enough to get that special Monica head... BTW, I can order any LM doll for anyone with no service fees, if they don't mind that it gets me closer to their VIP/gold member status :P


  1. Aww, I'm glad that you like my Necy and Yrie. :3 Yrie and Keny are getting their "default"-outfits with the Soom order if all goes well. Finally I can dress them in the yellow-blue theme I've planned for them.

    Milki is the sweetest~ Mint looks so good on her. And you're right, gray skin is very easy to photograph, it's surprising!
    And... you should get a pale blue Taco just so I don't have to. X'D

  2. It's a Mexican stand-off with the Taco then :P

    Which outfits did you get?


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