Spring hats!

I took out my own spring hat as well, which is similar to Eiko's. I also wore my spring shoes for the first time this year :) My winter boots needed new heels, so an alternative footwear was needed and it was warm and dry enough so why not? Spring also comes with more light, which I have to take more advantage of this weekend. Light=pictures=inspiration for dolls!

Lately I've been so occupied with all the games I've been playing. HoDA has had events back to back, which has taken more of my time than I actually want to admit. Also the new FF has gotten a chunk of my attention. I'm also very much into the Nendos right now, so there hasn't been much time for dolls. But luckily they wait very patiently for the time when I pick them up again.

It'll be a while longer until I get those yes for Fyrd and Nikki and I have nthing else doll-related incoming atm. I was pondering on custom-ordering a few outfit sets for those two, but I never seem to get around to it. I'd also like to get some things from Taobao, but I haven't even started browsing for them yet XD Taobao would be a nice next shopping target, since I could then get somethings for myself as well in the same order.


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