More backdrops

This time it's Hippu's turn! As you can see, he's still stuck on the Yule outfit I chose for him :D I just don't have the hart to take it off him, since it's so darn cute. Especially on this Wonder Party skirt. There isn't too much pink, is there? Not for me, anyway.

Not saying that Hippu wouldn't look good against black and mint as well. I should just concentrate on taking photos from some different angles for a change XD But he is just too cute, looking straight at you...

BTW, I'm thinking of renewing Hippu's black eyes... I've had CiG black glass eyes for him for now, but in the end, I really prefer urethanes, especially since the glass eyes are very high dome at this size.

My first choice would be Mako's AS-013, if only it could be made pupiless. I've seen these irl, and the pupil isn't too prominent, but still, I'd prefer without just to be sure. Then there's a newcomer Mako DAN-022. In those in-doll pictures the lines don't look too prominent, but it might be different with this grey colour. I don't really want the eyes to to look like eyes at all. More like an oversized pupil (like you get when you visit an eye-doctor and get those drops to enlarge your pupils :D) or just black holes. But so that I don't pay for just mere blackneess, some pattern would be welcome. The blotches in AS-013 look more like reflections, and it would look pretty nice. and no, I can't go with my nagging instinct of "just buy them both already". XD


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