Lost in Background

So I got really bored at my plain white background and did some improvised backdrops. Do you recognise it? :D It's my Promenade de Paris skirt in there XD

While pinkish tones suit Hani, she doesn't really stand out from this backdrop... But thenagain, that in itself gives a statement about this doll. As in, when I take photos of Hani, she usually looks like this utterly lost little thing, so blending in with her background compliments that.

Milki on the other hand, got to try Musee de Chocolate. She's one to stand out, so a light mint backdrop against her grey/pink colour scheme works really well. I just had to colour correct the heck out of this RAW image, since my camera clearly doesn't know how to handle grey...

What did we learn from all this? That I'm bored, and need to invest in some tapestry for decent backdrops XD


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