Just one more Teenie

I dunno if it was just the amount of skirts I have or what pushed me to take this many pictures of my Teenie Gems, but I assure this is the last of the bunch XD For now...

But taking another interpretation to the title, I've gotten over my immediate need for another Teenie. For now. Milki is still cute as hell, as are the others, so I've not fallen out of love for them. I just don't need one right this moment. And not until I figure out just what Teenie in particular I'd want. Soom might choose this for me, if they happen to release a human tan Teenie Special Order. But until then, I can concentrate on other things.

Baww, isn't she cute :3 I might still try to order a lighter pink pair of eyes for her, if I go for a Mako order though. Although I think Mako's are good for their price, they still don't shine like my ED urethanes. Even dodge-tool doesn't really do much to them. So a lighter tone in general might be the solution.

I'm glad I put many 'extra' pairs of eyes for sale, finally. The way I'm planning on new purchases, I'm going to be drowning on eyes...


  1. Haha, I jumped to conclusions when I read the title of this post for the first time. I thought you had already bought a new Teenie! I was like "Woot! Did she get an Afi?!" x)
    Keep the Teenie pics coming, I love looking at your cute Teenies~
    I'm also hoping for a Teenie Gem Free Choice event, I've gathered that there hasn't been one in some time now from what I've read on DoA.

  2. XD Sorry for disappointing you... Not that I wouldn't mind an Afi. But they tend to cost more that I'm willing to spend on a whim. Milki was on the edge of my spree-limit and Afis are much costier.

    Yeah it was a while back when they held the last FC event. And although I'd like to see bronze Dolomis and such, I should be safe from a Free Choice event. The Special Orders were specifically human releases of previous MD dolls, so those I'm not safe from...


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