Guess who is the favourite Nendo of the house

Nyaa face

BRS just gives me infinite pleasure :D Especially after finding the true joys of switching out Nendo parts. Although this is nothing like I would picture BRS looking, it does have its charm, right?

Byyyh, I really want that Sherlock with all of its faceplates :( Maybe next paycheck? Maybe, if I still find myself wanting it. Especially since Valentine has started to spend money on HoDA, then spending on Nendos is a bit more justifiable :D But shhh, no talk of the amount of loli-clothes I just put on order on TaoBao...

Too bad though, that although Nendo parts are interchangeable, they have colour differences. Nyaruko is very light, and more yellowish in tone that either Rin or BRS. I haven't really found a way to truly obscure it in PS either.

It won't affect switching out their 'clothes' though, which is something that I want to try out next, for surely hilarious results :D


  1. That faceplate really looks fitting for BRS somehow, I agree. :3 (Although a bit OOC but it doesn't matter~ Nendos are about fun, not nitpicking!)
    Yes, you desperately need that Sherlock-Nendo... you can't resist her... mwahahaa! XD Here's a little video to convince you that you need her in you life... (or make you change your mind altogether.. haha...)
    I find this oddly addictive. :3

    The color differences in Nendos is a bit of a problem, but I don't let that restrict myself too much. I don't think it's that noticeable in pictures...
    Clothes-switching is the best in Nendos. Especially because you can make male characters wear dresses... Hahaha!

  2. Sorry for not noticing this before! I rarely go to my Admin pages unless I'm writing a new post =_= And yeah, every comment with a link is automatically flagged and must be approved...

    And so much lolling for your video-link!!1! XD Damn... Milky-Holmes looks like a nice show... Maybe I should watch it to get more reasons to get that bloody Nendo :P I've already tried to bargain with Valentine about several things to get that figure, but so far he hasn't taken the bait.

  3. No worries. :3 I thought that might be the case.
    Yeah, that video is just so funny, I don't know why but I have to watch it every once in a while. x3

    Milky Holmes seems like a fun series, I think I might have to look into it too. It seems like an endless source of funny videos, because I just found this one the other day, which features live-action Milky Holmes-actresses who have been invited to a Japanese baseball-match to cheer the players and the audience on. The enthusiasm of Japanese anime-nerds always surprises me, they filmed a couple of guys who were dressed up in Milky Holmes-cosplay and dancing in the audience. I bet you couldn't pay a normal Finnish man enough money to get him to dress up as a girl and go dance in the audience of a baseball match... X''D

    But... glad you enjoyed the link! :3


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