Aesthetics of March 2014

140315 Soom Carbon

First up: Flickr has finally decided to listen and re-introduced easy-copied html-links! :D Yey! No more cut-n-pasteing!

Second, after a slower start for this year, I've gotten quite a few heads for painting this March. I actually have a few more incoming next week, but since I probably won't finish them next week-end, I'll save them for next month's face-up post. Just so I can now show off some beauties :3

140302 Judith Zinna

I did some heads for friends, as in the Carbon for Velvet at the top, and this Zinna for Sugar. It is somehow easier doing face-ups for irl friends, partly because I can more easily discuss what kind of a face-up they'd like (we can toss ideas around and actually talk about it, be it via Skype or face-to-face) but perhaps mostly because I can use my talents and colours more confidently. My friends know my style better and so I can use it more boldly than with customers I don't know. As in, I can make a vivid face-up on the first go, whereas with unknown customers I tend to first do a more muted down version and ask if they'd like more depth added or not. I should probably just get over this block myself, since vivid colours equal better face-ups, at least for my style :D

Well, as you can see above, both of these have nice gradients with the eyeshadow, although with very different colour schemes :D Zinna has the more natural smoky eyes look as with Carbon and his blue resin colour we decided to go with more pastel colours.
140309 Minifee Marcia

And then I got a Minifee head from a new customer. This Marcia was asked to be painted like a worried/shy angel boy, with blue shades around the eyes. The sculpt actually carries the expression well, which was a nice surprise since most Marcias I've seen have had more stern or even bitchy looks. The mouth of this face makes it easy to picture as a cold-hearted character when seen blank, but it does look nice when softened as well.


  1. You just keep improving with huge leaps in making face-ups! *3*
    My Carbon looks amazing now, and I love the gradation eyeshadows on all of these face-ups.
    Looking at Zinna, now I know if I get another tan doll at some point, I'd love for you to do the face-up for it. That hint of gold on her face-up looks really good.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing those incoming heads and what kinds of face-ups they'll have~

  2. Oh, yeah, I got Soom Lucky from a split a while ago. It's coming blank and... I was kind of hoping that you'd do the face-up? ^3^ After seeing the miracle you worked on my Carbon~ I think Lucky will be a pink-bluish themed little bird with a hint of silver in the mix. Also, if you'd like to do the bodyblushing on the fantasy-parts to match the face-up I'd be so happy~ :3

    (just adding this here as well as in the comments of my last post~ :) )

  3. Awws thank you so much! I'd be happy to do any face-up for your Teenies (or other dolls, as long as we're keeping my general style, as we talked before, there are some types of face-ups that I know other do much better). And I'd be thrilled to do another blue doll :3 Already loving the idea of pink/blue/greyish tones. We just need to think about how to make textures with these tones (some sort of gradation, so that the eyes are not simply pink/blue). Perhaps even some smokiness in there somewhere?

    And I could even give the parts-blushing a go. I don't know how long it'll take though, so it might be a bit longer than my usual turn-around time. Also, I haven't priced blushing comissions, since I haven't done them as a comission yet, but we can discuss that when we get together. I'm thinking about doind the job first and then seeing what it looks to be worth.

    And btw, looking at this Carbon head, it still does remind me of the previous face-up it had. It still has those purplish tones and the same sort of mischievous expression. The major difference in colour-tones are the lips.

  4. You're welcome! :)
    Yes! Now I can't wait for my little Lucky-bird to arrive! x) There's still one layaway payment to go next month so it'll probably be some time until she arrives but we can scheme for her face up while waiting, haha!
    I'll let you know when we get a shipping notice.

    Yeah, that sounds really nice adding a little grey and some smokiness as well! And about the parts, you can wait and see what they are like when they arrive and then decide if you'll be willing to do the blushing and how you'd do it.

    And of course, that method for pricing you mentioned for the blush sounds right. :) And you can take your time with the job, just by looking at the wings they seem a bit complex to do...

    And Carbon, yes that expression still has the "vibes" of the one he used to have. So nothing is lost from the character, it's just a lot more skillfully done. :3

  5. My badass chick has been looking like queen of Egypt with this face up and I'M LOVING IT! x3

    They all look very sweet though. :3 Pastelly colors look well on blue.

  6. I'm hoping for pictures of full Mirella :)

    Although I'm always partial on pastels on pastels, I'd also like to try for something darker on these special resins. As in a full dark smoky face-up on blue for instance. But still, when I picture a Taco (if I'd get one for myself), I'd do it in pinks :D And I'm loving Velvet's pink/blue bird already. Maybe I'll just hope someone with a darker character in mind will someday comission me with a blue doll >w<


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