What's up, Joe?

The title refers to the most recogniseable black chocobo in Final Fantasy, Teioh, and his jockey, Joe. Damn my pulse went up whenever I saw that I was racing against them in FFVII! With my top chocobos I could maybe win 50% of the races, but it was never easy, not against him.

Anyway, with Phoenix out of the picture, Yuffie finally got to claim this hoodie for herself. Yellow really suits her. That and magenta pink, but I like to mix'n'match them. Too bad with all the portraits you can rarely see her lovely sneaker boots.

I did try to use black and white clothes for Yuffie when I first got her, but in the end, I like her in colours. Not saying I won't use her black clothes anymore, I will, but she just brightens up this dark winter up for me in clear colours. :)



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