Wanted: Hikaru-style

My other Alter figure: Hikaru. The above 'poster' actually came as I was trying to do something interesting with this photo, which on its own was really boring. But a wanted-sign suits her pretty fine, since she's the figure that I had to hunt down. No, that sounded like it was really hard to obtain her, that wasn't actually the case. She was sold out at major retailers by the time I found out about her, but I found a seller on Amazon who had her in stock. She was mint in box and retail price.

There are other figures that I 'missed out on' when I first started to collect these girls. But Hikaru is the only one that I just had to grab, when I found her. Though I think part of it is because of the retail purchase. I still have some nagging feeling about buying figures second-hand, I dunno why... Same with dolls. I haven't bought many second hand, only two in fact and both of them from Finland.

I guess it's because I'm careful of my price limits with individual figures. I like to buy them at retail or lower price. But whenever I see a figure (or mostly with Nendos recently) at a lower value, I instantly fear it might be counterweight...

But back to Hikaru! I was mostly sold on her wink and pink hair. And I really say wink, since the first thing that Valentine said about her when he saw it was that she was aiming with her wrong eye closed...

I mean! How cute is that face?! Bang! Straight to your heart.

The pose, while looks good from front, is not that special in fact. It doesn't have many good angles. So when trying some new photo angle, I had to do something else to her XD

She actually has cute panties, with the pink bows and all. Not as cute as Melissa, but still fine. And if it weren't for this low angle, it's not really even that outstanding in her outfit. They go so well with the rest of it. I mean, I had (purposefully, trying for shock-value) left her like this when I had unpacked her and honestly, it was the wink that Valentine noticed, instead of the panties.


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