Trying to convince myself...

... that I really didn't want the Romantic Rose Letter skirt after all. After all, it was released and sold out over a week ago. Which I totally missed.

Well, we were planning on an order to Innocent World with Velvet and now I have the extra cash ready for those shoes and accessories. I really like a few of their blouses as well, but I can't justify spending over a hundred euros on a blouse! So shoes it is. And head accessories, since I need more of those anyway. And a bit later on, I'll order some new wigs.

A nice mint skirt would have been nice, but I can live without. RRL just goes to the pile of grail AP items I'll drool after :) Maybe one day I'll find it cheaper second hand, right? Girl can dream.


  1. Oh no, sad to hear that about the RRL skirt. ;__; *hug* I know how disappointing it can be to wait eagerly for something to get released and then -poof! -it's suddenly sold out. I hope that some new skirt comes along that you find you like even better that the RRL one. :3

    I'd really like to try and order a couple of IW blouses though. ^^;; They are a bit pricey but boy do they look good! I remember we discussed something about their cutsews, did you own one? Was the size ok?
    I also really like their head accessories!

  2. The blouses are gorgeous but somehow I just can't pay that much for something that might not fit me. I'd need to try one for size first... Funnily I don't have the same reservations when it comes to shoes though :D

    Only IW item that I currently own is my favourite headband. All in all, I love their accessories the best.

    And don't worry, there'll no doubt come more skirts for me to adore ;)


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