The cold-hearted Master

Rin: "Masteeer! Wake uuup!"
Nigel: "What is it..?"
Rin: "Nyaru-chan is going to smash your laptop!"

Maybe I could have made this into a proper 'comic', but it really started out as photos with Nikki and Rin. And then the captions just sorta happened ^_^ So take it as an unofficial sequel to the last Nendo-comic. I think I have to develop that whole thing a bit more though. As in, maybe do an introductory chapter which would explain the whole scenario >u< And I should really have Nigel make an official appearance as well... Although mabe as just a shadowy creture, pretty much like the adults are in the Peanuts comics.

Nigel: *sigh* "Nyaru is up to what now?"
Rin: "Smash smash!"
Nigel: "Oh, bloody hell..."

To Nigel, the Nendos are just machines, no matter how much 'personality' they have built into them. So he doesn't have any empathy for them in general. Why has he then gotten one borderline psychotic and one over-enthusiastic maniac, is beyond me at this point XD But maybe it's like Marvin of Hitch-hiker's Guide, they just came with a package?

Nigel: "...Why did I get you in the first place?"
rin: "What did you say, Master?"
Nigel: "Nothing." *muttering* "...Should I do a personality upgrade on them..?"
Rin: "Master?"

Nigel is thinking about the same thing. And Actually "Why did you get them in the first place" is something that Valentine still consistently brings up when talk shifts to Nendos. Well, my enthusiasm with them (as well as the figures) is fluctuating, but when I do pick them up, they are adorbs!

I actually finally gave in and started to look for a Rin Append version. I almost bought it at Tracon last year, but didn't manage to justify the cost of 50€. In the end, I don't want two Rins, I just want the option parts for my current Rin. but that Append really has some neat parts, like the dual base connector and the winking face. And since I've managed to smudge my laughing Rin faceplate, I'd also get a new one with the Append version. Oh well, I did find it at a good price from MFC, from EU even, but the sale is still at a holdup, since the seller wants to sell their Append Rin and Len as a package, and I have no use for the Len.

Although if I get Rin Append, then I might have a harder time splitting Komari up... Maybe Nigel would want a nice, calm Nendo to balance these two out? ;)


  1. Yes, please! More picture stories of this kind. :3 Like I said before, I really love this idea that Nigel is the master of the robot Nendoroids. Maybe you could study his relationship with artificial intelligence more, it would be interesting to see why he doesn't think there's a ghost in the machine. ;)

    Nigel's expression really stands out with the new eyes, he looks so handsome! And "smash smash"~ Love that line! :'D You portray the Nendos' characters so well with the dialoque.

  2. Actually, do people prefer these kind of caption stories or the more comic-type stories with speech bubbles and such? I've always found captions to be a bit hard on the reader, if the characters aren't really familiar. Especially with more characters than just two.

    And I like your suggestion! I don't really put too much thought into these little stories and just go with them, which does make it harder to wrap things up in the long run... So it'd be doing myself a favour as well to explore the motives and thoughts of my characters a bit more. So now I'm thinking about a new more Nikki-centered story.

    Also, thank you very much on your compliments! *_* The Nendos kinda just radiate their personalities so for little strips like these it's still easy to convey their personality via the lines. It gets harder once one has to give he characters more depth. But that is a problem for another day, when I need to figure out is this just comedy or is some drama involved.

  3. Glad to hear that you might have gotten some ideas from my comment. :)

    Hmm, I don't actually mind if the captions are beneath the photo, especially with BJD pics because then the speech bubbles don't distract viewing the picture.
    I've always thought that speech bubbles and comic-style narrative "blocks" work better with figure-photostories and captions with BJD photostories...
    Maybe because figures are more cartoon-y to start with.

    But I really don't mind either way. :3 I don't find captions hard to follow, though.
    And I don't think you have to worry about developing the Nendo-robots deeper characters. I think that the contrast between the Nendos and the BJD-characters works well. (as in, the Nendos are a bit of a comic relief contra more serious and thought-out characters. :) And since they are robots, it gives them a somewhat more robot-like feel in the story as well.

    BTW, a question just popped into my mind as I was writing this. If Nigel doesn't think that robots have... "souls" for the lack of a better word, or personalities in the sense humans have, what do you think about this matter story-wise? I mean, that's Nigel's opinion but is it possible in the world of your story that robots could develop human-like personalities?

    (Oh, and f you'd rather not reveal where you are going with the robot-theme in the story just yet, then that's ok. ;3 )

  4. Nah, it's ok to discuss, since I've scraped this in the Binary Knight stories as well.

    The trick that I'm going to attempt is to leave the reader debating whether Nigel is right or not. For instance, in BK there is a scene where Nigel is devastated after Audrey has left him and he finds that he has no one else to listen to him except his robot Nuu. He pours out his heart like he has never done before, since it has always been hard for him to open up to humans. A little later in the story, Nuu seems to on her own repeat what Nigel had said to Audrye, finally breaking down the barrier between the two. Now did she really do it on her own, to help out her maker? Or did Nigel just happen to phrase his own words just right so that her programming would interpret it as a command?

    Nuu however is a robot fully made by Nigel. I have to think about if he has also made the Nendos and if so, then why these particular personalities? He has made programs with different personalities before, but those have all been made after anime characters that Nikki is really interested in. Has he also watched Nyaruko's show? Why? Vocaloids are a bit easier to justify, with all that hype around them...


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