OMG!!1! (And more dilemmas with eyes)

Sorry for re-using this picture, but Rin just perfectly incorporates my feelings of the moment :3 A while back, I entered Enchanted Doll eyes' photo competition with a photo of Eiko in ED custom eyes. And as it happens, I won! Me! I still can't quite fathom it >_< I mean, I never win anything, let it be luck or an art competition of any kind. And I bet there was some really tough competition, judging from some other eye photo contests I've seen before... But yey! Free eyes for one lucky doll of mine!

Which brings me to another problem... What eyes should I get? I can order one pair of ED's unique eyes and the samples I've seen have been utterly gorgeous. So with my imagination as a limit, what should I get?

Now my first thought was: Nigel's icy eyes. They have been a pain in the butt to find and this way, I should get exactly what I need. This is a photoshop of what I have in mind:

Just the right amount of glitter, a little darker around the rim and the top half (to give a nice shadow) but mostly just plain ice blue. They look nice, even this grainy, right? But then I started to think... I'd get them in 14mm. I'd put them into a doll with kinda squinty eyes. I don't take that many close portraits with this doll, especially before I get that macro. Would people even notice the eyes? Would it be a waste to use up the unique eyes option for these eyes?

And I still have a few options to get Nikki's eyes from elsewhere. Like Vings N7 or custom eyes from Mehiart. The former might be too dark. The latter unfortunate don't look as high quality as my other urethanes (mismatched and uncentered pupils...).

Then I tried to think what else I could get. Some really fantastic big eyes for my girls? Yuffie sure would like another pair of purples ;) But no, they already have several pairs and I'm going to order yuffie those Mako eyes anyway. But then I looked at the doll that I actually had sitting near me (to cheer me up, I had had a very lousy friday until then): Fyrd.

I've written that Fyrd has these unnatural green eyes, all glittering and looking like stones with an inner light of their own. The ED eyes (below) are nice, the right colour, but they could have more... ooomph! You know?

What are you looking at...?

So this is what I have in mind for him:

Edit. Actually made few more versions of Fyrd's eyes:



Those third ones, I pretty much changed and intensified the colour of these eyes.

Now these would be 16mm and Fyrd has more open eyes, so these would really shine. Thenagain ED Milky #62 might be just the same, especially without the white lines?

And then there's always the black horse, something completely out of the box. When ED has produced eyes like these, I could really get something completely different but utterly beautiful... So maybe even the glittery Nigel/Fyrd eyes would be too lame to deserve the unique eyes...

What should I dooo?! O_O

Edit. And this is the picture that got me this:


  1. ...Oooh! So Awesome! O3O Huge congrats!! ^__^/

    I'll have to sleep on this and give it some thought before I can give a good opinion. ;''D But I really do like the third ones (the last pic) for Fyrd. I think he deserves something extra-special~ :3

  2. Oh, and can we see the winning picture? :3

  3. Sure! Edited it to the post :)

  4. Those third ones are really my favourites as well... My only concern is that I'd like the eyes to look exactly like this on doll, and I would actually have to take natural shadows into account as well. Plus I don't know how they'd even do that blurry pupil :D Except maybe leave an actual pupil out of it all together and just paint the center of the eye with black blotches... So no.2 would be easier to do. Although, the original eye which I photoshopped for the no.3 had a pupil, but it had gems partially blocking it, which results in the pupil looking somewhat warped. That might do it? Although I don't really want too much sequeins in Fyrd's eyes, they are after all supposed to be just one piece of stone.

    XD But as you can see, I'm also starting to lean towards Fyrd's eyes in favour of Nigel's... Maybe another poll which Vings eyes to try on him next? ;)


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