Nendobots: The Other Robot

Ha! Made another Sunday-Nendo comic for you after all!  This time it's the mysterious new Nendobot. The stories are related, don't worry. But when I was posing my BRS, this introductory piece for her just came to my mind. I did already have in mind what sort of a character she'd be in the Nendobot stories and I needed something abit more sinister for it. Your regular cutesy things will (probably) continue in the next episode though ;)


  1. Wow, loving this! O3O The "I am on stand-by mode"-picture is my favorite~ I love that blank face on Black Rock Shooter.
    Can't wait to see where this is going, who's the mysterious master of this new robot and who is she ordered to kill... hmm... Will the story take a darker turn? *excitement*

    And congrats on the new Nendo! She's wonderful~ I have the Black Rock Shooter-nendo hat's based on the anime-version, I quess this is the original version? Do you have any problems with her twin-tails keeping in place? My BRS keeps dropping them off and it's a real pain... -___-

  2. Thank you! I can't really reveal too much so please just stay tuned. ;)

    And yeah, it's the original #106 version. I thought that the hair amd the multiple expessions were better on this one, although the animation version has some cool pieces as well. The hair stays on pretty well. It only tends to fall off if I pose them to their limits, usually too close to the head, otherwise they are very solid. The arms are a bigger pain. I really need to remember that they are not made to be as poseable as a doll >_< As in, they can't raise their arms up...


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