Nendo-bots: Introduction

Voila! Another Nendo-comic! This time a real comic, since I just like to torture myself editing these things... I still want to learn how to make these look more like a manga though, I need to look up some references. But I'm learning! At first, I had a hard time editing the picture into anything but full-portraits, since the Nendos are so small that all the original photos are full-portraits. This time I managed to do some variation in the panel sizes, hope you like it. :)

I still haven't gotten around scripting one which would introduce Nigel, but somehow I think I need to do that before I edit the already-shot next addition. Or then I'll just go all Haruhi, and publish these in all non-chronological order XD


  1. Aww, cute! ^__^
    But am I sensing a tragicomical story of a robot-girl's unrequited love? I'm hooked already! ;-)

    I like it how much variation you can make in the panels with just the few faces these Nendos come with. See-through speechbubbles are a great idea~
    Maybe I've read too much manga, because I started reading this comic from right-to-left and not the western way... oops! X'D No wonder the dialoque made more sense when I read this a second time...

  2. Even I try to read this right to left, and I wrote it :) But I still think it's better this way, since after all I am Westerner.

    Nendos are very expressive with only a few option parts, but I still want a few more all-round faceplates, mainly those surprise faces. And since I want to show most of the pictures, the see-through bubbles seemed a nice compromise. I also used them for my BJD photostories.


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