Mind if I join in?

Happy Valentine's day! Fyrd is here to ask all of you out, never mind your gender or orientation. :P

On a whim I tried Alex's Dollheart hat on Fyrd and as usual, he owns it XD This doll has such a perfect expression in relation to the character he's supposed to portray, it's just uncanny... I'm so happy that I could find this smirky boy underneath Little Monica's default face-up, which makes the doll look so sweet. At first I was toying with the idea of getting Demetri to be LeBrant in SD size but I'm glad I made him into Fyrd instead. Nothing wrong with Bran, but comoon, Fyrd is... Fyrd!

Sure, if I had unlimited funds and room for dolls, I would still get a default Demetri boy to be Fyrd's little pet. If only to get more LM dolls out there. They are so pretty, well-made (except for those bloody elbows) and the face-ups so gorgeous! The LM community on DoA is very small however and squees at every new LM purchase ^_^ Sadly, quite a few new dolls just come to introduce themselves in the thread and then they are rarely heard of anymore...

But Crow, Giselle, Chloe... My top list actually lives almost daily. I want to see more of these dolls!

Speaking of changing favourites, I seem to have gotten over my peak of love for Roselyn. Still a gorgeous doll, but I might have found something even more perfect to be Addy... ;) It might be very, very hard to get though, but we'll see. And it's just a head, so then I'd have to find it a body too. But for Audrye? My pastel princess? And a little bit for Nigel as well... :P Nigel for sure won't take fyrd's offer on a date, so he needs someone else.


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