Melissa loves you

Another figure post is here for your enjoyment, hopefully. This time it's Melissa Seraphy from Good Smile Company and I might warn you, that it's not strictly safe for work after the break...

Melissa is one of the first figures I bought. Actually, I think that she's currently my oldest after my school outfitted Haruhi... I've sold all the other figures I got about the same time (Non-Non, Kureha), but Melissa is here to stay. Even though she doesn't have any weaponry about her ^_^ She's just too darn cute! With that tiny fang, her funny and energetic pose, she's just a cheer-me-up.

Aans as you might have noticed from the picture above, through those semitransparent peep holes, she's very well sculpted under that pumpkin. She's also got the cutest panties of all my crew. Well, thenagain, she's pretty much the only one with coloured panties, most of the other girls just have plain white ones. Too bad she cannot really be displayed without the pumpkin skirt, the skirt is what secures her to the base. In here, I've got her leaning on it for support.

This figure, btw, is a prime example of painting well done. There's shading on her body, her hair, the wings... I haven't found any flaws with her. So she's pretty much the bar against which all other figures are measured against in terms of quality. Good luck for me finding new additions to my collection! (Too bad most figures have to be bought from preorders though and all the collectors know how those promo-shots and prototypes can be deceivingly better-looking than the final product. Not the case with this beauty though!)

Also, if I want to do more versatile figure photoshoots, I really need some extension rings... My current equipment just can't focus properly to something this small, limiting me to take basically full portraits all the time. Here I had massive problems getting the focus past her bangs, even with manual focusing... And these things have such great details, I want to show them off! ^_^


  1. ...and we love Melissa! <3
    Oooh, she's lovely! :3 I was about to buy Melissa the Nendoroid but then decided otherwise for some reason. :-I
    I love the halloween-theme and her expression and the panties and the painting and everything about her.

    When you get those extension rings, please tell me how they work. ^3^ I'm also in need of a macro lens so that I could photograph figurines and such but... good lenses are so expensive! And I'd much rather buy dolls and lolita clothes right now. :'D

  2. I know, it's hard to put money aside to buy something useful instead of just plain cute things ^_^

    I'm also a bit drawn to Melissa-Nendo, but in the end, I always prefer the figure version. The chibi... just looks a bit off wearing panties :P And the pumpkin looks a bit disporpotioned, I'm just so used to this scale figure.


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