Haven't gotten around to post much dolls stuff lately, and I think it's because there isn't really anything new to show... I haven't gotten much anything for them lately and I don't really feel an urge to it either. Which is good, since there's so many other stuff I'm throwing money at XD

I just recently bought my first second hand Nendo and I'm just waiting it to nudge its way from the post at capitol. It's a character that I already have a figure of, but I always liked that little Nendo so now that I finally have gotten into them, it was one that I kept an eye on. Got it for a fair price and jumped for it. As soon as I get it home, I'll post pics together with the big sister figure counterpart.

I also placed an order for Innocent World together with Velvet, but haven't heard from them since so I dunno how it's going to go. They have very few working days in a wekk, plus there was a sale so I don't know if that's the hold up or if they have just shoved the order under a rug somewhere... There also isn't any way to contact them about it >_< I want my shoes!

IW isn't the only loli store I've been drooling after though. But I've managed to dodge some cute prints from AP lately. First the Rose Letter, which I'm now sure wouldn't have suited me in the end after all. Then they had Sweet Chocolate print, which would have been perfect in their dark brown/gold colourway, if only they had made a skirt out of it! And now they're releasing a toy print, which is very cute, but the skirt is a short one, and although it'd be a cute one, I don't really need another short AP skirt. Or if I do, I'd want another Chess Chocolate one... I actually found a CC skirt in brown though! But since I already have one short brown skirt, I can let that one slip by. But the mint and ivory ones! I'd be willing to go as high as 250$ for one of those beauties... But they are a distant dream...

We've been toying with an idea of a twin coord with Velvet though. She likes the Musee de Chocolate JSK in pink, which I already have in mint. And then AP USA also has bonnets in both colours in stock... I haven't much thought about bonnets, but that one could be extra sweet :3

But what I would really need, is more blouses. The ones I got from Taobao are very cute, but I have constant problems with the buttons :( They have sharp enough edges that they cut through the threads and hence I keep losing buttons constantly. I've resewn them all, some twice already. I just really need to find replacements and redo them all over again. But I still need a few more, custom-sized to really fit me comfortably. An ivory one and maybe another brown. Perhaps with short sleeves, now that summer's coming.

But dolls haven't been totally forgotten! There are still the unique eyes coming for Fyrd, and I also ordered a pair from Vings for Nikki. Since the Vings Ebay dealer has free shipping internationally, I can just order those eyes pair by pair until I get a right one :) I'm one of those people who always wans to lower shipping costs per item and so I always try to order as a bulk. It took some brain twisting to make me realise that with free shipping, I didn't have to find anything else to add to the order XD So in a few months, we'll see if I got it right with the first try or not.

Then I could go browsing Taobao for some frilly stuffs for Fyrd. And Hani, who always seems to demand more frillies. But no rush, finally I'm at a stage where I'm somewhat satisfied with my dolls just as they are, with no urge to get something new all the time.


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