I wish I had "Chuunibyou" at middle school...


I've been so out of the anime loop lately... Well, not just lately, for the longest time, actually. Or I never was in the loop, I dunno.

Anyway, most of the newer anime I've watched I've watched because of figure. High School of the Dead was an exception, that one I found when I was just browsing for anything to watch and found zombie-harem-ecchi-anime an interesting concept. But other than that, I never would have watched Haruhi, Rosario+Vampire, Polyphonica or To Love-Ru without first coming across figures made of their female leads. Some were very good, others not so much. Now figures have lead me to another series that I must puff here, since it's that good!

It's Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, which I prompt everyone to give a chance to. The best promotion I can give, is that when I showed one of the battle scenes to Valentine, even he had to laugh. :D

How I came across this one? Actually, I was browsing Platikitty for more Cupo figures and noticed a news article about Kotobukiya releasing Rikka as their next Cupo. The article was short, the Cupo just upcoming and there was little info about it. But they mentioned one thing that drew my attention. I quote: "it’s a Kyoto Animation show and practically a rip-off of their version of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya down to the character designs even".

Now, I loved Haruhi. So I was curious about this. Even more so if it was the same animators, because I've become quite picky about animation quality lately. I mean, no matter how good the storyline of Naruto is, I just can't watch it due to the slow frame-speed. So I went to Youtube, found clips and was hooked.

It is very Haruhi-like. There's a high school boy, who becomes involved with a curious girl from a world of her own. At first he doesn't seem too interested in her romatically, and in both cases there's another love interest involved. In both cases they form a silly school club which has the boy, the girl, a senpai, a weird girl, a cute girl and another boy as members. Only in Haruhi's case Mikuru was both the senpai and the cute. The animation has very similar characteristics, as does character design. Haruhi's uniforms look better and the characters have nice colours (to be had as figures) than Chuunibyou, but it doesn't really hinder the show. But it is the reason why I won't be getting the Cupo-Rikka. She doesn't look that interesting, even with her eye-patch.

Haruhi had a better story-line and I love the philosophical aspects or time-continuum mind-bogglers it provides. Chuunibyou is more straight-forward, with little surprises, but it made me laugh my ass off. And that's a merit in my book.

I've already watched the full first season and now I'm off to see the second :)

I couldn't now find the absolute best fight scene (Rikka vs Dekomori) but here's ataste:



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