I'll watch over you

An overly pink photo of my overly pink dolls ^_^ How is it possible that I've now grown more fond of Hani, after getting Milki? Maybe it's how she's now more 'connected' to my other dolls? With Hippu and Nuu, she did look very good next to them already, but she didn't really have a spot in their 'story'. Well, Hani and Milki still don't have a story of their own, but at least there's something there now.

They are definitely sisters, twins even. I'm sure that they are actually two out of triplets, but I can't confirm that until I get the third one ^w^ Hani is the youngest, and very insecure and shy. Even more shy than Nuu ever was. In her timidness, she doesn't really get exited about anything (which separates her from Nuu, who is happy about a lot of things) and actually is scared of anything new and out of the ordinary. She greatly depends on her sister(s) for support, although when getting to know Hippu, she finds herself able to trust him as well.

Milki is the oldest and a very headstrong, protective girl. She'll make anyone regret hurting Hani and has made it her life mission to care for her younger sibling. On the other hand, she doesn't do much to help Hani cope on her own, and is actually quite possessive of her. Actually, without Hani looking so weak, she wouldn't look that strong herself. Still, even with her flaws, she does really love Hani to the core.

Now the third, whose name is still in progress, would be the middle sister. She'd be the very independent one, very aloof and a bit of a dreamer. But she'd always have an agenda of her own and is a few steps ahead of everyone else. Hani looks up to her, although with slightly terrified eyes, and Milki is constantly on the verge of rivalry with her.

Just for the sake of symmetry (for a better word), I'd like it to be yet another Bygg, but in tan. Thenagain, I also love the brown tan Afis and have fallen for quite a few tan Skolls (same as Hati). I just can't decide... But some part of me is saying that if I get an Afi, it'd be someone related to Nuu, and not the Cupcake sisters. Or maybe...? The Cupcakes wouldn't have to be sisters... Hani is already on a boy body. The middle kid could very well be a full boy. With some connection to Nuu, which would then tie all the Teenies together :P

It would also open up a new option for a name :D Whenever I'm thinking about the Cupcakes, the Roxette song "Milk and Toast and Honey" comes to my mind. And a tan boy... I could name Toast Caramel :P Other options could be Minti Caramel (since I would use white/mint accessories for this doll) or Taffi Caramel (perhaps my current favourite).



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