Black Rock Shooter ...s

Can you see patter yet with my figure collection? I've mentioned it before, but I just really have a thing for figures of girls with weapons. And typically flat-chested ones... and as fierce goes, BRS is right at the top of the list. It is a beautifully sculpted figure, nice from many angles and with amazing finishing touches, from the hightlights of her hair to the sheen of her coat. I was so glad they released this more compact Black Blade ver. of her, since the cannon version was a bit too bulky for my liking.

But what have we here? Another BRS?

Why yes ;) My impulse Nendoroid-purchase was a BRS Nendo bought second hand. the Nendo has just as much detail and workmanship built into it as the figure and now I regret not getting it sooner! XD

If Rin is the most cheerful Nendo, and my incoming Komari the cutest, then BRS sure is the coolest. It's been built for action poses, by the base structure, the changeable limbs (which are many), the multiple weapons and now to her poseable hair. I kid you not, her hair pieces can be posed in various positions, and the longer one even has an additional strand with a separate posability...

And if you didn't think the first face was cool enough, then have some roar! And here you can see the black blade too. she comes with enough hand parts so that both the gun and the blade can be posed in either hand.

And still, the figure can also pull off this completely adorable face ^_^ And looks at those crumbled sleeves! Plus, it has sitting legs! The legs can be rotated to the sides as well, so it can sit in a swaricco pose as well. Or I could switch out the straight legs to these shorts to have even more variety. I might have to try if Rin can also wear these shorts so that it could sit as well..


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