14mm it is

Ok, so I did some more fiddling with the Makos I've got home. Milki took the pinks and so I could try the mint one on Nigel again. It really did just need new positioning. So now I'm sure that if Mako ever releases the right shade of blue, I can buy them in 14mm for Nikki. Positioned like this, he is again my cold-hearted hacker. And if I want to show a softer side of him, I can just lower the eyes.

I actually also darkened his beauty spots, but you still can't see them >_< Those things are really hard! I can't make them much bigger, since then they'd just look unnatural. Maybe I just really need to take close-ups of his face...

And actually, I know just what I need for that now! I was pondering whether to get a macro-lense as my next camera accessory. But upon reading more about macro-photographing, I realised that I could actually get the effect much cheaper with an extension ring. So a set of those is my next camera-purchase. I also read up on DoD that the f1.8 35mm lense is actually much better than the cheap 50mm that I've got. But that is a much bigger investement, so I'll have to look into it a bit more first... Especially since I'd have to find the older model of that, since I read that the newer version is much more expensive. but to take pretty photos of pretty dolls... X3


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