Aesthetics of January

A bit slower on the face-up front this month. I was actually supposed to get this head last month, but it got delayed to this month instead. Doesn't really matter, or else I wouldn't have had any face-ups to show this month XD

It looks a lot different from my other current face-ups. I was asked to do a street-girl, with dark eyes, heavy lids, reddish nose and thin cheeks. So the whole concept is far apart from the cuteness of some other dolls. I've done one other 'sickly' head in the past and these are a really fun variety, where I can try to do ugly-pretty, as Tyra would put it ;)

Another funny thing about this face-up was finding out what doll it was. I wasn't given the specs in the order so I had to do some sherlocking to get a name on the photo. Alright, I'm making it sound harder than it actually was XD I just peeked inside the head and there was Withdoll's stamp in there. It also had the name Jude in there. I wanted to confirm it though so I browsed through Withdoll's site to find this particular head.

There wasn't any doll named Jude right away. So I first looked through the girl dolls (thinking that 'jude' might have been some other stamp) and then went on to boy dolls when all the girls had way too round cheeks to be this doll. I finally clicked their Basic doll and there I finally found a head resembling this one. I blame the flu, but at first I was a bit at a loss, since some of the photos looked like this head, while others did not. Then I noticed (and right after that, remembered, since I had been looking through these before) that they actually have three different boys as Basic in the same sale. And all three boys have two alternate heads... Going through them, I then concluded that the first boy's half-open eyed head was the one. And guess what? It was Jude HOE!

Damn did I feel ridiculous right then. XD Withdoll doesn't have 'Jude' in any of their sale titles, but they do list this head as Jude HOE in the basic doll's drop down menu. So yeah, totally sherlocked that one...


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