Winter Girl


Our national doll forum's Project Runway challenge started. The first challenge was Winter Wonderland. I wanted something simple but pretty for Manna and ended up with this quite fifties looking dress. first I wanted to make some shiffon train to it, but scratched that due to cumulating a hatred towards shiffon.


Hand warmer was also included. The boots I've done before, but dressed them up with jewellery this time. (Btw, third time's the charm with Manna's white boots.  I first ordered them from an online shop, but they were in fact out of stock. Second I ordered them from Ebay, but they got lost in the mail. Thsi third time I switched to Bambicrony boots which one DoA memeber was selling. Crossing fingers that they get here now...)


I manged to get the dress to be slightly formfitting after all. But I actually had to remake the whole bottom part to succeed with the pattern..



Suositut tekstit