DSRL and a Needle!

Turqoise Al Azif

I got my camera today! No where near mastering it yet though but even in the basic setup it takes much nicer pictures than my phone's camera ;) In this shot I actually produced a blurred background and I could focus on what I wanted on the frame not just on what my camera wanted to focus on. And, I finished Hippu's Al Azif outfit.


I also made this top for Manna while pondering on what to make her for the BJD Project Runway (@Hartsilapset). And, switching back to my new camera: I took a full body picture of her! Never managed to do that before!!

Alright, back to play with my new toy... Oh, but speaking of new toys, I might be expecting Nikki to start shipping next wek!!! (And now to really go before I demonstrate my insanity by putting in too many excalamation marks. No, wait, three was the point of insanity...)


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