Keeping Busy with Needlework


I've had this vision of making an Ali Azif cosplay for Hippu for quite some time now. In the end I thought I didn't want to copy the outfit exactly but would make a more Hippuist version XD Lots of lace ruffles and ribbons though. (Though I just noticed this current hair/eye combo is actually pretty close to Al Azif as well...)


I'm now done with the socks, wristbands and the ruffle shorts. I'm still about to make a shirt with ruffles in front (more of those than in the original though) and two ribbons, one at the collar and one at the back of the waist. I first thought of making the front ribbon a long and thin one of that same mint ribbon that all the others are, but since I'll go with that one at the back, maybe I'll end up with something that looks more like the original... We'll see once I get around to it.

I'm also working on a 'winter wonderland' theme dress for Manna for our Finnish doll forum's Project Runway. It's still in desing stage and pretty much depends if I just have the patience to work with mesh agan (the base of those ruffle pants is made from doubled mesh and it was a nightmare!)...


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