I'm Pins and I'm Needles


Actually came up with that title 'coz Blur's Song2 was just playing XD. Still, it suits! I finally got confirmation from Soom that I'll get Nikki home for X-mas. I'll probably start waiting for that shipping notice the first day of December... And while I wait, I drew a concept doodle of Nikki. I was first trying to photoshop a concept over  a Pyrol image from Soom's site but alas I failed. I decided to depend on my pen before I grew too frustrated with PS...

I decided to give him beauty spots to make him a bit more human than my other dolls (dolls wouldn't have beauty spots being made from resin, but he does...). And actually, he is the most human character my dolls have, starting from clothes to personality and having no supernatural powers what so ever. He's just very, very intelligent. Funny thing actually, that myself I have no birth marks at all. Some white scars but no moles, no beauty spots.

Anyways, can't wait to get my Grumperton home <3


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