Rotten Lip

Well, not much to update. My lip has a sore of somekind, from lack of vitamin C (not herpes), my work still sucks and I'm still pondering about which kind of doll to get first... Currently I have (in my dreams) three dolls, 1) a sweet, innocent andrugyne one with chirpy personality 2) a mysterious mute girl doll with white skin, strange eyes and (probably) pink hair and 3) a red headed smirky male doll who is quite snappish and irritated to be a doll.

I have no mold chosen yet for the third and I think it'll be the hardest one to find. All Petite sized dolls are very childish, with large eyes and chubby cheeks and usually look a little smiling or melancholic. No narrow eyed smirking ones found yet. And on the other note, most of this sized dolls are gilrs, so I must try to match a head with a similar coloured boy body... *sigh*

The first one is already chosen, my Hippu will be Soom's Sweet mold, and actually with Angel's Message fullset. I'll get more clothes for him though and he uses many wigs and eyes.

The one that troubles me atm is the second, the mystery girl. I had set my eyes on Pipos' new limited White Queen, but in the end the colour scheme for the make up as well as the outfit (and the wig) are not what I want. So I'm not that thrilled to pay a full price for a limited set from which I just want the white basic body and head. Then, I noticed an add in a Finnish BJD-board to sell a white skinned Petite girl, which has much same in the face as the Queen (in the mold, the face up is completetly different). This girl is also a limited fullset, but much cheaper than the newly released Queen. But it still seems such a waste to get her, erase the company face up and try to sell the outfit and wig separately. Nevermind waiting for a group order for the companies from where I want the eyes and wig for my character. *sigh*

Now, both of these white girls will only be out for sale for a limited time so if I really want either of them, I have to move quickly. Thenagain, there's the whole hassle of removing the old face up and ordering the new from a customiser and getting rid of the extra clothes, wig and eyes. I'd just rather start that whole thing from scratch and get a plain doll and then start ordering the extra parts. Also thenagain, I could just get Soom Sweet, order the pink wig and eyes and use them on it from time to time and when I get around to it, get a new white body for the character...


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