Me & The Other Me vol.?

This time I think I'm better off than my Other Me, which I'm conviced that exists since my dreams of her life are just too real. This (that I'm better off)  is because she apparently didn't end her academic career with a Master's Degree but ended up as a post-gratuate. And it isn't going too well.

In my dream I had turned in a paper on some subject I had found at the last minute. And now I had gotten the opponent's reply. (Although I strongly felt like the review of the paper was done by our professor of theoretical philosophy and he was quite more snappish than I remembered.) Every single paragraph was torn to pieces, ridiculed and commented on. Apparently it wasn't too good of a paper. The Other Me is just as bad an academic as I was... The topic had been a theory of some bloke unknown to me but apparently known in the philosophical sphere. I had then only used practical examples to describe it and hadn't even mentioned the bloke untill the last chapter. And the 'practical example' was more like a short story to begin with.

I was soo embarassed to read the review. What's strange, I dreamed the whole reply through, hearing every word in my head. If I had strained myself to keep remembering it when I finally woke from the nightmare I might have been able to write it all down. But I really didn't want to.

Well, guess I was right to leave the academics behind me. I'm just not cut out to write papers to live.


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