Little Rei III

In the end I had little effort deciding the name for my brand new mini laptop Asus Eee (white, of course). It was going to be Rei.  More accurately Rei III, since the original Rei laptop was Rei (I) and in Evangelion Rei II was a bit short lived. The original Rei laptop belonged to a RPG character of mine who was an introverted tech geek but was (of course) tremendiousy cute. And in the end he sold his buddies out and joined the enemies. Which is a seemingly typical trait of my RPG characters especially in games GM'd by Darling.

The laptop is cute. And efficient. Albeit we have to get that WLAN working properly, our box seems to missing its antenna... There was some concern whether a screen of this size would be of any use, but Rei is mainly to be used to read and write for which the screen is big enough. I do think its a bit on the wide side though. Its wider than a normal widescreen methinks. I had to modify my wallpapers to fit the screen well. But they had to be downsized as well so it wasn't too much trouble.

I also only set up Firefox on Rei. No Lolifox this time, since Valentine won't be using Rei that much and that browser hasn't been updated in a loong while. It's based on Firefox 2 originally and I wanted Firefox 3 (though what the key difference is, I can't say...). But I did find a new Lolifox theme in Firefox Add-Ons but found it to be very, very bright green.

So with little help from my dear friends Google and Photoshop, I found out how to edit Firefox themes (to make new themes) and edited the theme's very, very green bits to be light silver instead. The end result looks cool enough ^_^ Now I'll just find how to change the icons of Firefox....

I'm just like this... When I got my hands on Rei I just have to modify every little bit of her. Then I can perhaps start using her for the purpose she was bough for in the first place, for me to continue writing my thingys. (I could of course do that with our main computer as well, but Valentine has these Total War games he so often plays....)


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