Minions of Chaos - Soundtrack

This is (in my opinion) my best RPG soundtrack to date. It is also the one which has most pop songs (in contrast to the instrumental based OST of city Guard for example). So, I finally finished up deciding the theme songs for all the main NPCs and finished the cover art. Here's illustrated the front cover featuring the girl you know as Cally and -of course- Fyrd. Went with sepia color theme this time. Don't know why except that it looks good.

Now I just need to go print a few of these, buy some empty CDs and start burning... If you want your own, give me a holla (it'll cost you the materials like the printing and the CD).


  1. I definately want one, as I said previously, and I will repeat that the cover looks really great. I like the sepia and the whole parchment-thing.


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