DeathGrip RPG

I have finally made it! The core set of rules is done although Valentine is complaining the small amount of weapon tables. But as I know so little about weapons, I've left them as they now are. I will however (with Valentine's help hopefully) expand that section. Also expect more spells and an item's table.

The rules are based on rolls of D10 for Attribute checks and D100 (RQ/Call of Cthulhu systems)  for Skills. Some D6 and D4 are used but on rare occasions... I have also written some Death God descriptions but they are quite incomplete.

The main gameset is of corrupt and/or insane cultists (player characters) who have some grand motive for which they are desperate and/or insane enough to call on a Death God for help. I think mostly used motive will be 'conquering the world' type of thing. However, the Death God might have their own plans for petty mortals and hence game sessions can be either for the character's own motives or some quest the God has set for the character.

Using Valentine as a guinea pig I've tested the character development system but still ahead are some test games. I hope these will give me more ideas on needed spells, items and weapons...

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DeathGrip-RPG ver. 1.1


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